Overview of Trade Area
Total population 49,324
Population with age 0-14 15.78%
Population with age 15-24 4.37%
Population with age 25-34 29.12%
Population with age 35-44 19.71%
Population with age 45-54 11.07%
Population with age 55-64 9.36%
Population with age 65+ 10.58%
Total number of households 28,820
Household size 1.66
Percent: owners 32.90%
Percent: tenants 67.10%
Top Lifestyles:  
  • Seniors and Singles
  • Soft Skills
  • Disposable Income
  • Mixed Interests
  • Seniors and young professionals without kids, they have income $52,321, (rental) home value $329,850 and household size of 1.96. High percentages of females, immigrants, widows, separated, divorc?es and singles, they work likely in social sciences, art, culture, recreation, sports, sales and services. They live in large cities and have good disposable income. They like to travel, e.g., to Quebec and Montreal. They read history, relationships, world news and politics. Average in sports. Advertising is an important source of information. Prefer low-calorie or 'light' foods and drinks. Like to try new products. Brand loyal but see no-name as equally good. Convenience is more important than price when shopping. Career and working have high priority. Television is a major source of entertainment. Keep home very neat and clean and feel single person can have a satisfying, enjoyable life.
    Cluster G - UP THE LADDER 8.72%
  • Young Families
  • New Suburbanites
  • Kids, Dogs & Station Wagons
  • Dynamic Careers
  • Cluster O - RENTERS 8.28%
  • Singles + Couples
  • Public Sector / Arts
  • New Canadians
  • Want To Own
    This report is based on the data product "SuperDemographics 2017" at the 6-digit postal code level from Manifold Data Mining Inc. No confidential information about an individual, household, organization or business has been obtained from Statistics Canada.
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