Consumer Behavioural and Product Usage Reports
Consumer behavioural and product usage profile reports are based on the 6-digit postal code level projections of the Return-To-Sample (RTS) Survey from Numeris Canada. Numeris RTS survey is widely used by Canadian businesses and institutions.This survey has been conducted twice a year for over 14 years. The sample size ranges from 40,000 to 63,000. We have over million responders in the survey database and they are stratified by geography and demographics. They represent Canadian consumers across the country.
We datamined the Numeris RTS surveys and identified robust and valuable patterns. Upon confirming sufficient sample size of these patterns we employed data fusion techniques to extrapolate the patterns from responder level to the 6-digit postal code level which covers whole Canada. These patterns are represented by propensity scores of consumers' purchase behaviour, product and media usage, consumption and psychographics. The propensity score measures likelihood of consumers in a 6-digit postal code purchasing and consuming various products / services and media, their shopping habits at various stores and their attitudes and opinions about brand, advertisement and life.
Consumer behavioural, product usage, shopping patterns and psychographics and attitude profile reports will help you
  • Find out what media mix is optimal to reach your customers, and how to reach your competitors' customers as well;
  • Gain insight into where your customers live, who they are, who buys from you and who buys from your competitors, what they buy, how much they spend, where they travel on business and vacation and what they do in their leisure time, and thousands of other activities.
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Data Source: Numeris RTS survey, Census from Statistics Canada*, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Health Canada, Industry Canada and Manifold proprietary databases.

*No confidential information about an individual, family, household, organization or business has been obtained from Statistics and Numeris Canada.

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