About Us
www.SuperDemographics.com is implemented by Manifold Data Mining Inc., a Canadian company specialized in creating demographic, household spending, consumer product/media usage, shopping habits, and lifestyle cluster data products at the 6-digit postal code level.
Reports on www.SuperDemographics.com are based on the year 2017 data. We have updated the Census 2011 and National Housing Survey (NHS) 2011 to the current year estimates. We used an enhanced cohort survival model and considered the factors: birth and mortality rates, migration and immigration as well as new residential developments.
www.SuperDemographics.com provides you with
  • Granular and precise consumer data
  • Market analysis scalable from meters to thousand kilometers, from dozens to thousands of variables
  • Advanced analytics within a few clicks.
Using www.SuperDemographics.com you can gain comprehensive consumer and market insights and optimize your targeting channels for
  • Acquire more new customers
  • Retain valuable customers
  • Grow customer value
  • Identify new markets
  • Estimating market demand
  • Improve marketing return on investment.
At Manifold Data Mining Inc. we custom analytics to clients' needs. For examples
  • Creation of custom micro-marketing database
  • Customer profiling
  • Custom Segmentation
  • Predictive modeling
  • Risk analysis and modeling
  • Trade area analysis
  • Market potential analysis
Manifold's Discriminators:
  • Integration of granular data, advanced analytics with client's objectives
  • Leverage computing technology to empower experts
  • Interdisciplinary research and industrial experiences
  • International recognized scientists
Data Source: Census from Statistics Canada*, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Health Canada, Industry Canada, Bank of Canada, Real Estate Boards and Companies, Provincial Ministries of Health, Numeris Canada and Manifold proprietary databases.

*No confidential information about an individual, family, household, organization or business has been obtained from Statistics and Numeris Canada.

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