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Enjoy using our online reporting tool about consumers and their purchase behaviours in any trade area or market in Canada.

With a few clicks you will gain comprehensive insight into market size, purchase power, spending patterns, lifestyle and purchase behaviour of your trade areas and your customers. With dozens of profile reports you will be able to identify the driving factors of your trade areas and/or your customers and tailor your products/services and communications to your best customers/prospects for the highest return on investment.

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Reports on www.SuperDemographics.com are based on the year 2017 data. We have updated the Census 2011 and National Housing Survey (NHS) 2011 to the current year estimates. We used an enhanced cohort survival model and considered the factors: birth and mortality rates, migration and immigration as well as new residential developments.

Our online reports will help you gain actionable consumer and market insights to create and deliver targeted marketing strategies to:
  1. acquire more new customers
  2. retain valuable customers
  3. grow your business and customer value
  4. identify new markets
  5. anticipate and respond to market demand
  6. improve your marketing return on investment

Tell a colleague or friend if you like our reports. Tell us if you don't and we'll do our best to make improvements. Thank you!

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